Tuesday, January 19, 2016

WOW has it been awhile!

Life has been crazy since I last posted. Can't believe it's been since 2013! LOL
So I'm pregnant!!!!!
We are having a little boy. We can't be more excited. We really need to pick up the pace on the baby room. Cleaned out most of it but still need to paint. My baby shower is January 30th. So happy to have all our friends and family there. Just wish Daddy could be there. He was always so good with the little ones. I know he will be looking down with a BIG smile.
In other news we are in the process of moving all my craft supplies home. Having stuff in 2 places is the WORST. I always need something that is still at work. However I still don't have my craft/library set up. So I don't want to bring things home just to sit in a box. I still need some small totes and baskets to put things in.
I am starting this year making more of an effort to send out Birthday cards to friends and family. I want to share all I have learned from making cards over the year. No one sees them if they sit in a box! If you want a card just send me your address and birthday.
Well that's all for now. Hope to stay on more.

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