Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding's Aren't Just For The Invited

Hope everyone is having a great week. Work has actually been busy. Not much crafting to be done.
I made this card for a long~lost friend from High School. Tracy and I were best friends till I was dumb and left my Senior Year. We lost contact till about 6 months ago. Found her on FB and we talked. I ran into her and her mom at B.J.'s Wholesale and she mentioned getting married. It happened to be at the Church I grew up in. It's right accross the street from my parents house. I told her I would watch from my sister's house to see her come out. Her or her mom {I don't remember} suggested stopping in. I said "Crash Your Wedding?" We all laughed and I didn't really think about too much after that. I saw the date approaching and decided my sister Liz and I would crash the wedding.
Weather was great. Everyone looked beautiful. Liz and I sat in the back, where everyone just stared at us. Wondering "Who are the nut jobs in the back?" Needless to say it was a beautiful ceremony.
Here is the card I made for her. I wanted something simple yet fun. I stuck with black/white because I didn't know what her colors were. I hope you like the card and story. Check back to see more cards and you may just end up with one in your mailbox.

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