Thursday, July 21, 2011


It is very hot out. I am normally not bothered by such things but when it is 96 and feels 105 I am! lol I don't care for A/C, it gives me a headache but I don't think I could survive without it.

Going up to Bob's brother and sister-in-law's property to camp. We have to pack the 5th wheel tonight.

I'd like to ask a favor. My friend from Cardmaker is in the hospital. If you could say a prayer for her and her family. I have come to think of all these wonderful ladies as family.

I will be posting some pictures of some cards I have made recently. Hope everyone stays cool.



  1. Enjoy your 96, Jeanette. It really is 105 here! Which isn't too bad. Enjoy the camping.

  2. Nice to see that you have a new blog
    Over here to is very very hot hot
    and enjoy your week end
    can not wait to see some of your pretty cards here
    take care